Volume 139, Issue 2 – March 1994

On the rationality homotopy type of configuration spaces

Pages 227-237 by Igor Kriz

Disappearance of cusp forms in special families

Pages 239-291 by Scott A. Wolpert

Subgroups generated by root elements in groups of Lie type

Pages 293-361 by Martin W. Liebeck, Gary M. Seitz

Nonsolvability in $L^2$ for a first order operator satisfying condition $\psi$

Pages 363-393 by Nicolas Lerner

Homotopy fixed-point methods for Lie groups and finite loop spaces

Pages 395-442 by William G. Dwyer, Clarence W. Wilkerson

Galois structure of de Rham cohomology of tame covers of schemes

Pages 443-490 by Ted Chinburg