Volume 122, Issue 2 – September 1985

Structure of manifolds of nonpositive curvature. II

Pages 205-235 by Werner Ballmann, Michael Brin, Ralf Spatzier

The immersion conjecture for differentiable manifolds

Pages 237-328 by Ralph L. Cohen

A counterexample to the Serre problem with a bounded domain of $\mathbf{C}^2$ as fiber

Pages 329-334 by Gérard Cœuré, Jean-Jacques Loeb

Pseudofree orbifolds

Pages 335-364 by Ronald Fintushel, Ronald J. Stern

On the analyticity of CR mappings

Pages 365-400 by Mohamed Salah Baouendi, Howard Jacobowitz, François Trèves

Quasiconformal homeomorphisms and dynamics I. Solution of the Fatou-Julia problem on wandering domains

Pages 401-418 by Dennis Sullivan

The topology of quotient varieties

Pages 419-459 by Amnon Neeman