Volume 166

Isoparametric hypersurfaces with four principal curvatures

Pages 1-76 by Thomas E. Cecil, Quo-Shin Chi, Gary R. Jensen | From volume 166-1

Projective structures with degenerate holonomy and the Bers density conjecture

Pages 77-93 by Ken Bromberg | From volume 166-1

Geometric Langlands duality and representations of algebraic groups over commutative rings

Pages 95-143 by Ivan Mirković, Kari Vilonen | From volume 166-1

Density of hyperbolicity in dimension one

Pages 145-182 by Oleg S. Kozlovski, Weixiao Shen, Sebastian van Strien | From volume 166-1

Subelliptic $\mathrm{Spin}_{\mathbb{C}}$ Dirac operators, I

Pages 183-214 by Charles L. Epstein | From volume 166-1

Dynamical delocalization in random Landau Hamiltonians

Pages 215-244 by François Germinet, Abel Klein, Jeffrey H. Schenker | From volume 166-1

Global well-posedness of the three-dimensional viscous primitive equations of large scale ocean and atmosphere dynamics

Pages 245-267 by Chongsheng Cao, Edriss S. Titi | From volume 166-1

Stability of mixing and rapid mixing for hyperbolic flows

Pages 269-291 by Michael Field, Ian Melbourne, Andrei Török | From volume 166-1

Weyl group multiple Dirichlet series III: Eisenstein series and twisted unstable $A_r$

Pages 293-316 by Ben Brubaker, Daniel Bump, Solomon Friedberg, Jeffrey Hoffstein | From volume 166-1

Stability conditions on triangulated categories

Pages 317-345 by Tom Bridgeland | From volume 166-2

Lehmer’s problem for polynomials with odd coefficients

Pages 347-366 by Peter Borwein, Edward Dobrowolski, Michael J. Mossinghoff | From volume 166-2

Diophantine approximation on planar curves and the distribution of rational points (with an Appendix by R. C. Vaughan)

Pages 367-426 by Victor Beresnevich, Detta Dickinson, Sanju Velani, R. C. Vaughan | From volume 166-2

A topological Tits alternative

Pages 427-474 by Emmanuel Breuillard, Tsachik Gelander | From volume 166-2

Prescribing symmetric functions of the eigenvalues of the Ricci tensor

Pages 475-531 by Matthew J. Gursky, Jeff A. Viaclovsky | From volume 166-2

On deformations of associative algebras

Pages 533-548 by Roman Bezrukavnikov, Victor Ginzburg | From volume 166-2

On Mott’s formula for the ac-conductivity in the Anderson model

Pages 549-577 by Abel Klein, Olivier Lenoble, Peter Müller | From volume 166-2

Finding large Selmer rank via an arithmetic theory of local constants

Pages 579-612 by Barry Mazur, Karl Rubin | From volume 166-2

Conformal welding and Koebe’s theorem

Pages 613-656 by Christopher J. Bishop | From volume 166-3

Lagrangian intersections and the Serre spectral sequence

Pages 657-722 by Jean-François Barraud, Octav Cornea | From volume 166-3

Subelliptic $\mathrm{Spin}_{\mathbb{C}}$ Dirac operators, II. Basic estimates

Pages 723-777 by Charles L. Epstein | From volume 166-3

$C^m$ extension by linear operators

Pages 779-835 by Charles Fefferman | From volume 166-3

The stable homotopy category is rigid

Pages 837-863 by Stefan Schwede | From volume 166-3

The Hasse principle for pairs of diagonal cubic forms

Pages 865-895 by Jörg Brüdern, Trevor D. Wooley | From volume 166-3

Hypergraph regularity and the multidimensional Szemerédi theorem

Pages 897-946 by W. Timothy Gowers | From volume 166-3

Erratum to “Rotation invariant valuations on convex sets”

Pages 947-948 by Semyon Alesker | From volume 166-3