Volume 145, Issue 3 – May 1997

Endoscopy, theta-liftings and period integrals for the unitary group in three variables

Pages 419-476 by Stephen Gelbart, Jonathan Rogawski, David Soudry

Ricci curvature and volume convergence

Pages 477-501 by Tobias H. Colding

The Ehrhart polynomial of a lattice polytope

Pages 503-518 by Ricardo Diaz, Sinai Robins

On random matrices from the compact classical groups

Pages 519-545 by Kurt Johansson

A priori estimates for prescribing scalar curvature equations

Pages 547-564 by Wenxiong Chen, Congming Li

Analogs of Wiener’s ergodic theorems for semisimple groups I

Pages 565-595 by Amos Nevo, Elias M. Stein

Scattering asymptotics for Riemann surfaces

Pages 597-660 by Laurent Guillopé, Maciej Zworski