Volume 193, Issue 3 – May 2021

Strong generators in $\mathbf {D}^{\mathrm {perf}}(X)$ and $\mathbf {D}^b_{\mathrm {coh}}(X)$

Pages 689-732 by Amnon Neeman

Filling functions of arithmetic groups

Pages 733-792 by Enrico Leuzinger, Robert Young

Martin’s Maximum${}^{++}$ implies Woodin’s axiom $(*)$

Pages 793-835 by David Asperó, Ralf Schindler

Arithmeticity, superrigidity, and totally geodesic submanifolds

Pages 837-861 by Uri Bader, David Fisher, Nicholas Miller, Matthew Stover

Weil representation and Arithmetic Fundamental Lemma

Pages 863-978 by Wei Zhang