Volume 96

Dirac operator and the discrete series

Pages 1-30 by Rajagopalan Parthasarathy | From volume 96-1

The value distribution of most functions of one or several complex variables

Pages 31-52 by Paul M. Gauthier, Walter Hengartner | From volume 96-1

On algebraically closed groups

Pages 53-97 by Angus Macintyre | From volume 96-1

Structure in real Banach spaces. Part I

Pages 98-128 by Erik M. Alfsen, Edward G. Effros | From volume 96-1

Structure in real Banach spaces. Part II

Pages 129-173 by Erik M. Alfsen, Edward G. Effros | From volume 96-1

A transcendence theorem for class-number problems. II

Pages 174-209 by Harold Mead Stark | From volume 96-1

Poincaré duality cobordism

Pages 211-244 by Norman Levitt | From volume 96-2

The generalized Minkowski problem in differential geometry in the large

Pages 245-276 by Herman Gluck | From volume 96-2

Compact homogeneous Riemannian manifolds with strictly positive curvature

Pages 277-295 by Nolan R. Wallach | From volume 96-2

Cartan subgroups and lattices in semi-simple groups

Pages 296-317 by Gopal Prasad, Madabusi Santanam Raghunathan | From volume 96-2

Rings of invariants of tori, Cohen-Macauley rings generated by monomials, and polytopes

Pages 318-337 by Mel Hochster | From volume 96-2

On the values of zeta and $L$-functions: I.

Pages 338-360 by Stephen Lichtenbaum | From volume 96-2

A Bezout estimate for complete intersections

Pages 361-401 by Wilhelm Stoll | From volume 96-2

A counterexample to the “Transcendental Bezout problem”

Pages 402-406 by Maurizio Cornalba, Bernard Shiffman | From volume 96-2

Foliations of odd-dimensional spheres

Pages 407-411 by Alan H. Durfee | From volume 96-2

On the structure of complete manifolds of nonnegative curvature

Pages 413-443 by Jeff Cheeger, Detlef Gromoll | From volume 96-3

On the structure of the unitary Steinberg group

Pages 444-479 by Richard W. Sharpe | From volume 96-3

The Adams-Novikov spectral sequence for the spheres

Pages 480-504 by Raphael Zahler | From volume 96-3

Orbital integrals in reductive groups

Pages 505-510 by R. Ranga Rao | From volume 96-3

Stiefel-Whitney homology classes

Pages 511-525 by Stephen Halperin, Domingo Toledo | From volume 96-3

Norm form equations

Pages 526-551 by Wolfgang M. Schmidt | From volume 96-3

On the cohomology and $K$-theory of the general linear groups over a finite field

Pages 552-586 by Daniel Quillen | From volume 96-3

Beyond hyperbolicity

Pages 587-591 by Michael Shub, Stephen Smale | From volume 96-3

On groups satisfying Poincaré duality

Pages 592-598 by Francis E. A. Johnson, Charles Terence Clegg Wall | From volume 96-3

Errata to “Quotient spaces modulo reductive algebraic groups”

Pages 599-599 by Conjeeveram Srirangachari Seshadri | From volume 96-3