Volume 91, Issue 3, May1970

Concordance, isotopy, and diffeotopy

Pages 425-448 by John F. P. Hudson

A classification of closed orientable 3-manifolds of rank two

Pages 449-464 by Harold Rosenberg, Robert Roussarie, Daniel Weil

Open embeddings of certain Banach manifolds

Pages 465-485 by James Eells, K. David Elworthy

An analogue of the Borel-Weil-Bott theorem for Hermitian symmetric pairs of non-compact type

Pages 486-511 by Mudumbai S. Narasimhan, Kiyosato Okamoto

An exceptional arithmetic group and its Eisenstein series

Pages 512-549 by Walter L. Baily, Jr.

A proof of the regularity everywhere of the classical solution to Plateau’s problem

Pages 550-569 by Robert Osserman

On boundaries of Teichmü spaces and on Kleinian groups. I.

Pages 570-600 by Lipman Bers

Remarks on a paper by Lipman Bers

Pages 601-606 by Charles Ivars Kalme

On boundaries of Teichmüller spaces and on kleinian groups. II.

Pages 607-639 by Bernard Maskit

Correction to “On fibre spaces and the evaluation map”

Pages 640-642 by Daniel H. Gottlieb