Volume 106, Issue 3 – November 1977

A characterization of Chevalley groups over fields of odd order. Part II

Pages 399-468 by Michael Aschbacher

Periodic phenomena in the Adams-Novikov spectral sequence

Pages 469-516 by Haynes R. Miller, Douglas C. Ravenel, W. Stephen Wilson

On the singular cardinal problems. II

Pages 517-547 by Menachem Magidor

Anosov foliations are hyperfinite

Pages 549-565 by Rufus Bowen

Factorization of $L^\infty$ functions

Pages 567-572 by Sheldon Axler

Orbit spaces of unitary representations, ergodic theory, and simple Lie groups

Pages 573-588 by Robert J. Zimmer

Isomorphisms of Galois groups of algebraic function fields

Pages 589-598 by Koji Uchida

On the non-triviality of some group extensions given by generators and relations

Pages 599-612 by Oscar S. Rothaus