Volume 119, Issue 1 – January 1984

Higher singularities of smooth functions are unnecessary

Pages 1-58 by Kiyoshi Igua

Eisenstein series on Shimura varieties

Pages 59-94 by Michael Harris

Elementary contractions of algebraic 3-folds

Pages 95-110 by Yujiro Kawamata

Continuous equivariant images of lattice-actions on boundaries

Pages 111-119 by Shrikrishna Gopalrao Dani

Necessary and sufficient conditions for absolute continuity of elliptic-harmonic measure

Pages 121-141 by Eugene Barry Fabes, David S. Jerison, Carlos E. Kenig

Topological central extensions of semi-simple groups over local fields

Pages 143-201 by Gopal Prasad, M. S. Raghunathan