Volume 140, Issue 3 – November 1994

Unitary representations of Lie groups and operators of finite rank

Pages 503-556 by Detlev Poguntke

Mixed Tate motives

Pages 557-605 by Spencer Bloch, Igor Kriz

Examples of naked singularity formation in the gravitational collapse of a scalar field

Pages 607-653 by Demetrios Christodoulou

Metrics of Ricci curvature

Pages 655-683 by Joachim Lohkamp

Stable K-theory and topological Hochschild homology

Pages 685-701 by Bjørn Ian Dundas, Randy McCarthy

Models of degenerate Fourier integral operators and Radon transforms

Pages 703-722 by Duong Hong Phong, Elias M. Stein

A smooth counterexample to the Seifert conjecture

Pages 723-732 by Krystyna Kuperberg