Articles to appear in forthcoming issues

A Luna étale slice theorem for algebraic stacks

by Jarod Alper, Jack Hall, David Rydh

A conjecture of Erdős, supersingular primes and short character sums

by Michael A. Bennett, Samir Siksek

Uniform Manin-Mumford for a family of genus 2 curves

by Laura DeMarco, Holly Krieger, Hexi Ye

Abelian varieties isogenous to no Jacobian

by David Masser, Umberto Zannier

Birational Calabi-Yau manifolds have the same small quantum products

by Mark McLean

The Conway knot is not slice

by Lisa Piccirillo

A $\mathrm{k}$-linear triangulated category without a model

by Alice Rizzardo, Michel Van den Bergh

Subalgebras of simple AF-algebras

by Christopher Schafhauser

A converse to a theorem of Gross, Zagier, and Kolyvagin

by Christopher Skinner

Singularity of random Bernoulli matrices

by Konstantin Tikhomirov

A minimizing valuation is quasi-monomial

by Chenyang Xu