Volume 171 Issue 2 – March 2010

Quantitative noise sensitivity and exceptional times for percolation

Pages 619-672 by Oded Schramm, Jeffrey E. Steif

Free boundaries in optimal transport and Monge-Ampère obstacle problems

Pages 673-730 by Luis Caffarelli, Robert J. McCann

The cohomology ring of the real locus of the moduli space of stable curves of genus $0$ with marked points

Pages 731-777 by Pavel Etingof, André Henriques, Joel Kamnitzer, Eric M. Rains

A family of Calabi-Yau varieties and potential automorphy

Pages 779-813 by Michael Harris, Nick Shepherd-Barron, Richard Taylor

Arithmetic quantum unique ergodicity for symplectic linear maps of the multidimensional torus

Pages 815-879 by Dubi Kelmer

A group-theoretic approach to a family of $2$-local finite groups constructed by Levi and Oliver

Pages 881-978 by Michael Aschbacher, Andrew Chermak

Polynomial parametrization for the solutions of Diophantine equations and arithmetic groups

Pages 979-1009 by Leonid Vaserstein

Constructible exponential functions, motivic Fourier transform and transfer principle

Pages 1011-1065 by Raf Cluckers, François Loeser

Global solutions of shock reflection by large-angle wedges for potential flow

Pages 1067-1182 by Gui-Qiang Chen, Mikhail Feldman

Boundary rigidity and filling volume minimality of metrics close to a flat one

Pages 1183-1211 by Dmitri Burago, Sergei Ivanov

An algorithm for computing some Heegaard Floer homologies

Pages 1213-1236 by Sucharit Sarkar, Jiajun Wang

Order of current variance and diffusivity in the asymmetric simple exclusion process

Pages 1237-1265 by Márton Balázs , Timo Seppäläinen

Quantization of coboundary Lie bialgebras

Pages 1267-1345 by Benjamin Enriquez, Gilles Halbout

Differentiating maps into $L^1$, and the geometry of $\rm BV$ functions

Pages 1347-1385 by Jeff Cheeger, Bruce Kleiner

A measure-conjugacy invariant for free group actions

Pages 1387-1400 by Lewis Phylip Bowen