Volume 145, Issue 1 – January 1997

Topologie et courbure des surfaces minimales proprement plongées de $\mathbb{R}^3$

Pages 1-31 by Pascal Collin

Quotient spaces modulo algebraic groups

Pages 33-79 by János Kollár

Connecting invariant manifolds and the solution of the $C^1$ stability and $\Omega$-stability conjectures for flows

Pages 81-137 by Shuhei Hayashi

Yang’s system of particles and Hecke algebras

Pages 139-173 by Gerrit J. Heckman, Eric M. Opdam

Open sets with Stein hypersurface sections on Stein spaces

Pages 175-182 by Mihnea Coltoiu, Klas Diederich

Central extensions of word hyperbolic groups

Pages 183-192 by Walter D. Neumann, Lawrence Reeves

Quotients by groupoids

Pages 193-213 by Seán Keel