Volume 110, Issue 3, November 1979

Bounded mean oscillation on the polydisk

Pages 395-406 by Robert Fefferman

Espaces de Banach Faiblement $\mathcal{K}$-analytiques

Pages 407-438 by Michel Talagrand

Boundary regularity and embedded solutions for the oriented Plateau problem

Pages 439-486 by Robert Hardt, Leon Simon

On the vertices of irreducible modules

Pages 487- by Reinhard Knorr

Algebraisation of some formal vector bundles

Pages 501-514 by Gerd Faltings

A $p$-adic proof of the non-existence of vector fields on K3 surfaces

Pages 515-528 by Niels O. Nygaard

Bernoulli diffeomorphims on surfaces

Pages 529-547 by Anatole Katok

The double suspension and exponents of the homotopy groups of spheres

Pages 549-565 by Frederick R. Cohen, John C. Moore, Joseph Alvin Neisendorfer

Topology entropy for geodesic flows

Pages 567-573 by Anthony Manning

Proper holomorphic maps onto pseudoconvex domain with real-analytic boundary

Pages 575-592 by Klas Diederich, John E. Fornæss

Projective manifolds with ample tangent bundles

Pages 593-606 by Shigefumi Mori