Volume 100, Issue 2, September 1974

The multiplicity one theorem for $GL_n$

Pages 171-193 by Joseph Andrew Shalika

Surgery with coefficients

Pages 194-248 by R. James Milgram

Chevalley groups over function fields and automorphic forms

Pages 249-306 by Günter Harder

The topological Schur lemma and related results

Pages 307-321 by Theodore Chang, Tor Skjelbred

The Borel formula and the topological splitting principle for torus actions on a Poincaré duality space

Pages 322-325 by Christopher Allday, Tor Skjelbred

The Selberg trace formula for groups of $F$-rank one

Pages 326-385 by James Arthur

Counterexamples to the Seifert conjectures and opening closed leaves of foliations

Pages 386-400 by Paul A. Schweitzer, S. J.

An exotic sphere with nonnegative sectional curvature

Pages 401-406 by Detlef Gromoll, Wolfgang Meyer

Derivations of matroid $C^\ast$-algebras. II

Pages 407-422 by George A. Elliott

Chern classes for singular algebraic varieties

Pages 423-432 by Robert D. MacPherson