Volume 134

Transcendence and special zeta values in characteristic $p$

Pages 1-23 by Jing Yu | From volume 134-1

Gamma functions for function fields and Drinfeld modules

Pages 25-64 by Dinesh S. Thakur | From volume 134-1

The theory of weights and the Dirichlet problem for elliptic equations

Pages 65-124 by Robert A. Fefferman, Carlos E. Kenig, Jill PIpher | From volume 134-1

Rational subgroups of biautomatic groups

Pages 125-158 by Stephen M. Gersten, Hamish B. Short | From volume 134-1

The $E(2,A)$ sections of $\mathrm{SL}(2,A)$

Pages 159-188 by Douglas L. Costa, Gordon E. Keller | From volume 134-1

Divergence-free fields: energy and asymptotic crossing number

Pages 189-229 by Michael H. Freedman, Zheng-Xu He | From volume 134-1

Regularity properties of Fourier integral operators

Pages 231-251 by Andreas Seeger, Christopher D. Sogge, Elias M. Stein | From volume 134-2

A boundary Harnack principle in twisted Hölder domains

Pages 253-276 by Richard F. Bass, Krzysztof Burdzy | From volume 134-2

Floer homology and splittings of manifolds

Pages 277-323 by Tomoyoshi Yoshida | From volume 134-2

Singular spaces, characteristic classes, and intersection homology

Pages 325-374 by Sylvain E. Cappell, Julius L. Shaneson | From volume 134-2

Stratified symplectic spaces and reduction

Pages 375-422 by Reyer Sjamaar, Eugene Lerman | From volume 134-2

$\mathrm{C}^\ast$-algebras associated with groups with Kazhdan’s Property T

Pages 423-431 by Simon Wassermann | From volume 134-2

Szegö’s extremum problem on the unit circle

Pages 433-453 by Attila Máté, Paul Nevai, Vilmos Totik | From volume 134-2

Hausdorff dimension of sets of nonergodic measured foliations

Pages 455-543 by Howard Masur, John Smillie | From volume 134-3

On Raghunathan’s measure conjecture

Pages 545-607 by Marina Ratner | From volume 134-3

The modulus of polynomials with zeros on the unit circle: A problem of Erdös

Pages 609-651 by József Beck | From volume 134-3

On the base space of a semi-universal deformation of rational quadruple points

Pages 653-678 by Theo de Jong, Duco van Straten | From volume 134-3