Volume 105

Set theoretic foundations for constructive analysis

Pages 1-28 by Harvey Friedman | From volume 105-1

Degenerating families of Riemann surfaces

Pages 29-44 by William Abikoff | From volume 105-1

Local cohomological dimension in characteristic $p$

Pages 45-79 by Robin Hartshorne, Robert Speiser | From volume 105-1

Ergodic properties of horocycle flows for surfaces of negative curvature

Pages 81-105 by Brian Marcus | From volume 105-1

Sur la classification des idéaux primitifs dans l’algèbre enveloppante d’une algèbre de Lie semi-simple

Pages 107-120 by Michel Duflo | From volume 105-1

First-order theory of the degrees of recursive unsolvability

Pages 121-139 by Stephen G. Simpson | From volume 105-1

The motion of slightly compressible fluids viewed as a motion with strong constraining force

Pages 141-200 by David G. Ebin | From volume 105-1

The functors $K_{-i}$ and pseudo-isotopies of polyhedra

Pages 201-223 by Douglas R. Anderson, Wu-Chung Hsiang | From volume 105-2

Complete Kähler manifolds with nonpositive curvature of faster than quadratic decay

Pages 225-264 by Yum-Tong Siu, Shing-Tung Yau | From volume 105-2

Extensions of $C^\ast$-algebras and $K$-homology

Pages 265-324 by Lawrence Gerald Brown, Ronald George Douglas, Peter A. Fillmore | From volume 105-2

Concordance classes of regular $U_n$ and $\mathrm{SP}_n$ action on homotopy spheres

Pages 325-341 by Michael Davis, Wu-Chung Hsiang | From volume 105-2

Constructing structurally stable diffeomorphisms

Pages 343-359 by John M. Franks | From volume 105-2

Marches de Harris sur les groupes localement compacts. IV

Pages 361-396 by Antoine Brunel, Daniel Revuz | From volume 105-2

Poincaré series and automorphic cohomology on flag domains

Pages 397-448 by Raymond O. Wells, Jr., Joseph A. Wolf | From volume 105-3

Stability of concordances and the suspension homomorphism

Pages 449-472 by Dan Burghelea, Richard Lashof | From volume 105-3

Matrices and cohomology

Pages 473-492 by Leonard L. Scott | From volume 105-3

Pure states for general $P(\phi)_2$ theories: Construction, regularity and variational equality

Pages 493-526 by Jurg Fröhlich, Barry Simon | From volume 105-3

Examples of unknotted curves which bound only surfaces of high genus within their convex hulls

Pages 527-538 by Frederick J. Almgren, Jr., William P. Thurston | From volume 105-3

Singularities and immersions

Pages 539-552 by Sylvain E. Cappell, Julius L. Shaneson | From volume 105-3

Strong approximation for semi-simple groups over function fields

Pages 553-572 by Gopal Prasad | From volume 105-3

Badly approximable power series in characteristic 2

Pages 573-580 by Leonard E. Baum, Melvin M. Sweet | From volume 105-3

The multiplier problem for the polygon

Pages 581-588 by Antonio Córdoba | From volume 105-3