Volume 108, Issue 3- November 1978

Griffiths transversality in crystalline cohomology

Pages 395-419 by Arthur Ogus

Independent variation of secondary classes

Pages 421-460 by James L. Heitsch

Residues and zero cycles

Pages 461-505 by Phillip Griffiths, Joseph Harris

Periodic orbits for convex hamiltonian systems

Pages 507-518 by Alan Weinstein

Duality and intersection theory in complex manifolds. II. The holomorphic Lefschetz formula

Pages 519-538 by Domingo Toledo, Yue Lin Lawrence Tong

A counterexample to the periodic orbit conjecture in codimension 3

Pages 539-552 by David B. A. Epstein, Elmar Vogt

Irreducibility of certain entire functions with applications to harmonic analysis

Pages 553-567 by Lee A. Rubel, William A. Squires, B. Alan Taylor

Propagation of singularities and semi-global existence theorems for (pseudo)-differential operators of principal type

Pages 569-609 by Lars Hörmander