Volume 116, Issue 2 – September 1982

Closed geodesics on positively curved manifolds

Pages 213-247 by Werner Ballmann, Gudlaugur Thorbergsson, Wolfgang Ziller

Strongly pseudoconvex CR structures over small balls. Part III. An embedded theorem

Pages 249-330 by Masatake Kuranishi

Tangential boundary behavior of function in Dirichlet-type spaces

Pages 331-360 by Alexander Nagel, Walter Rudin, Joel H. Shapiro

L’intégrale de Cauchy définit un opérateur borné sur $L^2$ pour les courbes lipschitziennes

Pages 361-387 by Ronald R. Coifman, Alan McIntosh, Yves Meyer

Classification of irreducible tempered representations of semisimple groups

Pages 389-455 by Anthony W. Knapp, Gregg J. Zuckerman