Volume 128, Issue 1 – July 1988

On the ideal class groups of real abelian number fields

Pages 1-18 by Francisco Thaine

Weak type $(1,1)$ bounds for rough operators

Pages 19- by Michael Christ

Holomorphic invariants, normal forms, and the moduli space of convex domains

Pages 43-78 by László Lempert

$p$-adic and real subanalytic sets

Pages 79-138 by Jan Denef, Lou van den Dries

Generalizations of the Poincaré-Birkhoff theorem

Pages 139-151 by John Franks

Advances in the theory of unitary rank and regular approximation

Pages 153-172 by Mikael Rørdam

On the structure of Brauer’s centralizer algebras

Pages 173-193 by Hans Wenzl