Volume 104, Issue 1, July 1976

Sous-espaces de dimension finie des espaces de Banach réticulés

Pages 1-29 by Jean-Louis Krivine

The group $K_3(\mathbf{Z})$ is cyclic of order forty-eight

Pages 31-60 by Ronnie Lee, Robert Henry Szczarba

Some new four-manifolds

Pages 61-72 by Sylvain E. Cappell, Julius L. Shaneson

Classification of injective factors. Cases $II_1$, $II_\infty$, $III_\lambda$, $\lambda \ne 1$

Pages 73-115 by Alain Connes

Harmonic analysis on real reductive groups. III. The Maass-Selberg relations and the Plancherel formula

Pages 117-201 by Harish-Chandra