Volume 117

Labyrinths in the disc and surfaces

Pages 1-33 by Harold Rosenberg | From volume 117-1

There are no fake Seifert fibre spaces with infinite $\pi_1$

Pages 35-70 by Peter Scott | From volume 117-1

On the surjectivity of Abel-Jacobi mappings

Pages 71-76 by Herbert Clemens | From volume 117-1

Non-unicité du problème de Cauchy

Pages 77-108 by Par S. Alinhac | From volume 117-1

Varieties of group representations and splittings of 3-manifolds

Pages 109-146 by Marc Culler, Peter B. Shalen | From volume 117-1

Necessary conditions for subellipticity of the $\overline\partial$-Neumann problem

Pages 147-171 by David Catlin | From volume 117-1

On distinguishing prime numbers from composite numbers

Pages 173-206 by Leonard M. Adleman, Carl Pomerance, Robert S. Rumely | From volume 117-1

On the symplectic geometry of deformations of a hyperbolic surface

Pages 207-234 by Scott Wolpert | From volume 117-2

The Nielson realization problem

Pages 235-265 by Steven P. Kerckhoff | From volume 117-2

Harmonic analysis on semigroups

Pages 267-283 by Michael G. Cowling | From volume 117-2

$C$ is not algebraically equivalent to $C^- $ in its Jacobian

Pages 285-291 by Giuseppe Ceresa | From volume 117-2

Groups generated by reflections and aspherical manifolds not covered by Euclidean space

Pages 293-324 by Michael W. Davis | From volume 117-2

On the method of Thue-Siegel

Pages 325-382 by Gregory Volfovich Chudnovsky | From volume 117-2

The uniqueness case for finite groups

Pages 383-454 by Michael Aschbacher | From volume 117-2

The uniqueness case for finite groups. Part II

Pages 455-551 by Michael Aschbacher | From volume 117-3

A proof of the Smale Conjecture, $\mathrm{Diff}(S^2) \simeq O(4)$

Pages 553-607 by Allen E. Hatcher | From volume 117-3

New examples of constant mean curvature immersions of $(2k-1)$-spheres into Euclidean $2k$-space

Pages 609-625 by Wu-yi Hsiang, Zhen-huan Teng, Wen-ci Yu | From volume 117-3

Sous-groupes analytiques de groupes algébriques

Pages 627-657 by Michael Waldschmidt | From volume 117-3

Parabolic elements in Kleinian groups

Pages 659-668 by Bernard Maskit | From volume 117-3

An operator without invariant subspaces on a nuclear Fréchet space

Pages 669-694 by Aharon Atzman | From volume 117-3