Volume 86, Issue 2, September 1967

Poincaré complexes. I.

Pages 213-245 by Charles Terence Clegg Wall

Existence theorems for analytic linear partial differential equations

Pages 246-270 by Hubert Goldschmidt

The structure of the spin cobordism ring

Pages 271-298 by Donald W. Anderson, Edgar H. Brown, Jr., Franklin P. Peterson

Consistency proofs of subsystems of classical analysis

Pages 299-348 by Gaisi Takeuti

Fields of tangent 2-planes on even-dimensional manifolds

Pages 349-361 by Emery Thomas

A concept of cobordism between links

Pages 362-373 by Fujitsugu Hosokawa

A Lefschetz fixed point formula for elliptic complexes. I.

Pages 374-407 by Michael Francis Atiyah, Raoul Bott