Volume 182, Issue 1 – July 2015

The good pants homology and the Ehrenpreis Conjecture

Pages 1-72 by Jeremy Kahn, Vladimir Markovic

Positivity for cluster algebras

Pages 73-125 by Kyungyong Lee, Ralf Schiffler

Anomalous dissipation for $1/5$-Hölder Euler flows

Pages 127-172 by Tristan Buckmaster, Camillo De Lellis, Philip Isett, László Székelyhidi, Jr.

Mutations of puzzles and equivariant cohomology of two-step flag varieties

Pages 173-220 by Anders Skovsted Buch

Uniqueness of blowups and Łojasiewicz inequalities

Pages 221-285 by Tobias Holck Colding, William P. Minicozzi II

Chern slopes of simply connected complex surfaces of general type are dense in [2,3]

Pages 287-306 by Xavier Roulleau, Giancarlo Urzúa

Interlacing families I: Bipartite Ramanujan graphs of all degrees

Pages 307-325 by Adam W. Marcus, Daniel A. Spielman, Nikhil Srivastava

Interlacing families II: Mixed characteristic polynomials and the Kadison–Singer problem

Pages 327-350 by Adam W. Marcus, Daniel A. Spielman, Nikhil Srivastava

The proof of the $l^2$ Decoupling Conjecture

Pages 351-389 by Jean Bourgain, Ciprian Demeter