Volume 96, Issue 3, November 1972

On the structure of complete manifolds of nonnegative curvature

Pages 413-443 by Jeff Cheeger, Detlef Gromoll

On the structure of the unitary Steinberg group

Pages 444-479 by Richard W. Sharpe

The Adams-Novikov spectral sequence for the spheres

Pages 480-504 by Raphael Zahler

Orbital integrals in reductive groups

Pages 505-510 by R. Ranga Rao

Stiefel-Whitney homology classes

Pages 511-525 by Stephen Halperin, Domingo Toledo

Norm form equations

Pages 526-551 by Wolfgang M. Schmidt

On the cohomology and $K$-theory of the general linear groups over a finite field

Pages 552-586 by Daniel Quillen

Beyond hyperbolicity

Pages 587-591 by Michael Shub, Stephen Smale

On groups satisfying Poincaré duality

Pages 592-598 by Francis E. A. Johnson, Charles Terence Clegg Wall

Errata to “Quotient spaces modulo reductive algebraic groups”

Pages 599-599 by Conjeeveram Srirangachari Seshadri