Volume 85, Issue 3, May 1967

On compact subgroups of the diffeomorphism groups of Kervaire spheres

Pages 359-369 by Wu-Chung Hsiang, Wu-Yi Hsiang

A duality in the representation theory of $C^\ast$-algebras

Pages 370-382 by Masamichi Takesaki

Representations of complex semi-simple Lie groups and Lie algebras

Pages 383-429 by Kalyanapuram Rangachari Parthasarathy, R. Ranga Rao, Veeravalli S. Varadarajan

On heights of algebraic subspaces and diophantine approximations

Pages 430-472 by Wolfang M. Schmidt

Immersing projective spaces

Pages 473-482 by R. James Milgram

The Nielsen number of a fibre map

Pages 483-493 by Robert F. Brown

On the double suspension of certain homotopy 3-spheres

Pages 494-507 by Leslie C. Glaser

Hopf structures attached to $K$-theory: Hodgin’s theorem

Pages 508-525 by Shôrô Araki

On complex-spin manifolds

Pages 526-536 by Robert E. Stong