Volume 188, Issue 3 – November 2018

Real Gromov-Witten theory in all genera and real enumerative geometry: Construction

Pages 685-752 by Penka Georgieva, Aleksey Zinger

Convergence of Ricci flows with bounded scalar curvature

Pages 753-831 by Richard H. Bamler

On the Gross–Stark Conjecture

Pages 833-870 by Samit Dasgupta, Mahesh Kakde, Kevin Ventullo

A proof of Onsager’s conjecture

Pages 871-963 by Philip Isett

The Shimura–Waldspurger correspondence for $\mathrm {Mp}_{2n}$

Pages 965-1016 by Wee Teck Gan, Atsushi Ichino

Erratum for “Geometric Langlands duality and representations of algebraic groups over commutative rings”

Pages 1017-1018 by Ivan Mirković, Kari Vilonen