Volume 169

The `Harder-Narasimhan trace’ and unitarity of the KZ/Hitchin connection: genus 0

Pages 1-39 by Trivandrum Ramakrishnan Ramadas | From volume 169-1

Regularity of flat level sets in phase transitions

Pages 41-78 by Ovidiu Savin | From volume 169-1

Existence of Engel structures

Pages 79-137 by Thomas Vogel | From volume 169-1

Stable manifolds for an orbitally unstable nonlinear Schrödinger equation

Pages 139-227 by Wilhelm Schlag | From volume 169-1

On Serre’s conjecture for 2-dimensional mod p representations of $\mathrm{Gal}(\bar{\mathbb{Q}}/\mathbb{Q})$

Pages 229-253 by Chandrashekhar Khare, Jean-Pierre Wintenberger | From volume 169-1

Holomorphic curves into algebraic varieties

Pages 255-267 by Min Ru | From volume 169-1

Finite groups of symplectic automorphisms of K3 surfaces in positive characteristic

Pages 269-313 by Igor Dolgachev, JongHae Keum | From volume 169-1

Fitting a $C^m$-smooth function to data, I

Pages 315-346 by Charles Fefferman, Bo'az Klartag | From volume 169-1

An embedded genus-one helicoid

Pages 347-448 by Matthias Weber, David Hoffman, Michael Wolf | From volume 169-2

Nontangential limits in $\mathcal{P}^t(\mu)$-spaces and the index of invariant subgroups

Pages 449-490 by Alexandru Aleman, Stefan Richter, Carl Sundberg | From volume 169-2

The geometry of fronts

Pages 491-529 by Kentaro Saji, Masaaki Umehara, Kotaro Yamada | From volume 169-2

Curvature of vector bundles associated to holomorphic fibrations

Pages 531-560 by Bo Berndtsson | From volume 169-2

The Quasi-Additivity Law in conformal geometry

Pages 561-593 by Jeremy Kahn, Mikhail Lyubich | From volume 169-2

Inverse Littlewood–Offord theorems and the condition number of random discrete matrices

Pages 595-632 by Terence Tao, Van H. Vu | From volume 169-2

A combinatorial description of knot Floer homology

Pages 633-660 by Ciprian Manolescu, Peter Ozsváth, Sucharit Sarkar | From volume 169-2

The concept of duality in convex analysis, and the characterization of the Legendre transform

Pages 661-674 by Shiri Artstein-Avidan, Vitali Milman | From volume 169-2

On the dynamics of dominated splitting

Pages 675-740 by Enrique R. Pujals, Martín Sambarino | From volume 169-3

The singular set of 1-1 integral currents

Pages 741-794 by Tristan Rivière, Gang Tian | From volume 169-3

Depth-zero supercuspidal L-packets and their stability

Pages 795-901 by Stephen DeBacker, Mark Reeder | From volume 169-3

Ricci curvature for metric-measure spaces via optimal transport

Pages 903-991 by John Lott, Cedric Villani | From volume 169-3