Volume 190, Issue 2 – September 2019

Anti-pluricanonical systems on Fano varieties

Pages 345-463 by Caucher Birkar

Ricci flow with surgery on manifolds with positive isotropic curvature

Pages 465-559 by Simon Brendle

Probabilistic Waring problems for finite simple groups

Pages 561-608 by Michael Larsen, Aner Shalev, Pham Huu Tiep

Uniqueness of $\mathrm {K}$-polystable degenerations of Fano varieties

Pages 609-656 by Harold Blum, Chenyang Xu

The group of boundary fixing homeomorphisms of the disc is not left-orderable

Pages 657-661 by James Hyde

Counterexamples to Hedetniemi’s conjecture

Pages 663-667 by Yaroslav Shitov