Volume 121

Noetherian localisations of categories of cobordism comodules

Pages 1-39 by Jack Morava | From volume 121-1

Unipotent representations of complex semisimple groups

Pages 41-110 by Dan Barbasch, David A. Vogan, Jr. | From volume 121-1

Torsion points on curves and $p$-adic Abelian integrals

Pages 111-168 by Robert F. Coleman | From volume 121-1

Riemannian coverings and isospectral manifolds

Pages 169-186 by Toshikazu Sunada | From volume 121-1

Interaction of nonlinear progressing waves for semilinear wave equations

Pages 187-213 by Richard Melrose, Niles Ritter | From volume 121-1

Stability of the homology of the mapping class groups of orientable surfaces

Pages 215-249 by John L. Harer | From volume 121-2

Unramified class field theory of arithmetical schemes

Pages 251-281 by Shuji Saito | From volume 121-2

Variétiés stablement rationnelles non rationnelles

Pages 283-318 by Arnaud Beauville, Jean-Louis Colliot-Thélène, Jean-Jacques Sansuc, Sir Peter Swinnerton-Dyer | From volume 121-2

Incomplete Kloosterman sums and a divisor problem. Appendix: On some exponential sums (by Bryan B. Birch and Enrico Bombieri)

Pages 319-344 by John B. Friedlander, Henryk Iwaniec, Bryan B. Birch, Enrico Bombieri | From volume 121-2

Exact sequences and Galois module structure

Pages 351-376 by Ted Chinburg | From volume 121-2

A characterization of seven compact Kaehler submanifolds by holomorphic pinching

Pages 377-382 by Antonio Ros | From volume 121-2

On the general linear group and Hochschild homology

Pages 383-407 by Thomas G. Goodwillie | From volume 121-2

Nest algebras and similarity transformations

Pages 409-427 by David R. Larson | From volume 121-2

Positive harmonic functions on complete manifolds of negative curvature

Pages 429-461 by Michael T. Anderson, Richard Schoen | From volume 121-2

Unique continuation and absence of positive eigenvalues for Schrödinger operators

Pages 463-488 by David Jerison, Carlos E. Kenig | From volume 121-3

Appendix to “Unique continuation”

Pages 489-494 by Elias M. Stein | From volume 121-3

On the local Langlands conjecture in prime dimension

Pages 495-517 by Philip Kutzko, Allen Moy | From volume 121-3

Relative Galois module structure of rings of integers and elliptic functions II

Pages 519-535 by Martin J. Taylor | From volume 121-3

Rational dilation on an annulus

Pages 537-563 by Jim Agler | From volume 121-3

Normal forms for smooth Poisson structures

Pages 565-593 by Jack F. Conn | From volume 121-3

Generic regularity of unoriented two-dimensional area minimizing surfaces

Pages 585-603 by Brian White | From volume 121-3

Correction to “The Sullivan conjecture on maps from classifying space”

Pages 605-609 by Haynes Miller | From volume 121-3