Volume 148, Issue 2 – September 1998

Quasi-periodic solutions of Hamiltonian perturbations of 2D linear Schrödinger equations

Pages 363-439 by Jean Bourgain

Infinite-modal maps with global chaotic behavior

Pages 441-484 by María José Pacifico, Álvaro Rovella, Marcelo Viana

Theorie d’Iwasawa des représentations de de Rham d’un corps local

Pages 485-571 by Pierre Colmez

Level spacings distribution for large random matrices: Gaussian fluctuations

Pages 573-617 by Alexander Soshnikov

Handlebody construction of Stein surfaces

Pages 619-693 by Robert E. Gompf

Polynomial diffeomorphisms of $\bf{C}^2$: VI. Connectivity of $J$

Pages 695-735 by Eric Bedford, John Smillie