Strong generators in $\mathbf {D}^{\mathrm {perf}}(X)$ and $\mathbf {D}^b_{\mathrm {coh}}(X)$


We solve two open problems: first we prove a conjecture of Bondal and Van den Bergh, showing that the category $\mathbf D^{\rm perf}( X)$ is strongly generated whenever $X$ is a quasicompact, separated scheme, admitting a cover by open affine subsets $\mathrm {Spec}({R_i})$ with each $R_i$ of finite global dimension. We also prove that, for a noetherian scheme $X$ of finite type over an excellent scheme of dimension $\leq 2$, the derived category $\mathbf {D}^b_{\mathrm {coh}}(X)$ is strongly generated. The known results in this direction all assumed equal characteristic; we have no such restriction.

The method is interesting in other contexts: our key lemmas turn out to give a simple proof that, if $f\colon X\rightarrow Y$ is a separated morphism of quasicompact, quasiseparated schemes such that $\mathbf{R} f_*\colon \mathbf{D}_{\mathrm{\mathbf{qc}}}(X) \rightarrow \mathbf{D}_{\mathrm{\mathbf{qc}}}(Y)$ takes perfect complexes to complexes of bounded-below Tor-amplitude, then $f$ must be of finite Tor-dimension.


Amnon Neeman

Centre for Mathematics and its Applications, Mathematical Sciences Institute, The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia