Volume 176 – Issue 3 – November 2012

Thom series of contact singularities

Pages 1381-1426 by L. M. Fehér, R. Rimányi | From volume 176-3

A combination theorem for special cube complexes

Pages 1427-1482 by Frédéric Haglund, Daniel T. Wise | From volume 176-3

2-source dispersers for $n^{o(1)}$ entropy, and Ramsey graphs beating the Frankl-Wilson construction

Pages 1483-1544 by Boaz Barak, Anup Rao, Ronen Shaltiel, Avi Wigderson | From volume 176-3

Linear Shafarevich conjecture

Pages 1545-1581 by P. Eyssidieux, L. Katzarkov, T. Pantev, M. Ramachandran | From volume 176-3

Linearization of generalized interval exchange maps

Pages 1583-1646 by Stefano Marmi, Pierre Moussa, Jean-Christophe Yoccoz | From volume 176-3

Le lemme fondamental pondéré. II. Énoncés cohomologiques

Pages 1647-1781 by Pierre-Henri Chaudouard, Gérard Laumon | From volume 176-3

Operator monotone functions and Löwner functions of several variables

Pages 1783-1826 by Jim Agler, John E. McCarthy, N. J. Young | From volume 176-3

Conformal loop ensembles: the Markovian characterization and the loop-soup construction

Pages 1827-1917 by Scott Sheffield, Wendelin Werner | From volume 176-3

On geometric transfer in real twisted endoscopy

Pages 1919-1985 by D. Shelstad | From volume 176-3

Hereditary approximation property

Pages 1987-2001 by W. B. Johnson, A. Szankowski | From volume 176-3

The Nash problem for surfaces

Pages 2003-2029 by Javier Fernández de Bobadilla , María Pe Pereira | From volume 176-3

The second fundamental theorem of invariant theory for the orthogonal group

Pages 2031-2054 by Gustav Lehrer, Ruibin Zhang | From volume 176-3

Values of certain $L$-series in positive characteristic

Pages 2055-2093 by Federico Pellarin | From volume 176-3