Invariant measures and arithmetic unique ergodicity


We classify measures on the locally homogeneous space $\Gamma \backslash SL(2,\mathbb{R}) \times L$ which are invariant and have positive entropy under the diagonal subgroup of $SL(2,\mathbb{R})$ and recurrent under $L$. This classification can be used to show arithmetic quantum unique ergodicity for compact arithmetic surfaces, and a similar but slightly weaker result for the finite volume case. Other applications are also presented.

In the appendix, joint with D. Rudolph, we present a maximal ergodic theorem, related to a theorem of Hurewicz, which is used in the proof of the main result.


Elon Lindenstrauss

Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, United States

Current address:

Einstein Institute of Mathematics, Edmond J. Safra Campus, Givat Ram,The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 91904, Jerusalem