Articles with primary mathematical subject classification: 11F80

Level raising and symmetric power functoriality, II

Pages 303-359 by Laurent Clozel, Jack A. Thorne | From volume 181-1

Potential automorphy over CM fields

Pages 897-1113 by Patrick B. Allen, Frank Calegari, Ana Caraiani, Toby Gee, David Helm, Bao V. Le Hung, James Newton, Peter Scholze, Richard Taylor, Jack A. Thorne | From volume 197-3

On torsion in the cohomology of locally symmetric varieties

Pages 945-1066 by Peter Scholze | From volume 182-3

Moduli of finite flat group schemes, and modularity

Pages 1085-1180 by Mark Kisin | From volume 170-3

Poles of Artin $L$-functions and the strong Artin conjecture

Pages 1089-1098 by Andrew R. Booker | From volume 158-3

Serre’s conjecture over $\mathbb F_9$

Pages 1111-1142 by Jordan S. Ellenberg | From volume 161-3