Articles with article keyword: étale cohomology

Hasse principles for higher-dimensional fields

Pages 1-71 by Uwe Jannsen | From volume 183-1

Geometric monodromy — semisimplicity and maximality

Pages 205-236 by Anna Cadoret, Chun-Yin Hui, Akio Tamagawa | From volume 186-1

The Weil-étale topology for number rings

Pages 657-683 by Stephen Lichtenbaum | From volume 170-2

A geometric version of the circle method

Pages 893-948 by Tim Browning, Will Sawin | From volume 191-3

Prisms and prismatic cohomology

Pages 1135-1275 by Bhargav Bhatt, Peter Scholze | From volume 196-3