Characters of odd degree


We prove the McKay conjecture on characters of odd degree. A major step in the proof is the verification of the inductive McKay condition for groups of Lie type and primes $\ell$ such that a Sylow $\ell$-subgroup or its maximal normal abelian subgroup is contained in a maximally split torus by means of a new equivariant version of Harish-Chandra induction. Specifics of characters of odd degree, namely, that most of them lie in the principal Harish-Chandra series, then allow us to deduce from it the McKay conjecture for the prime $2$, hence for characters of odd degree.


Gunter Malle

FB Mathematik, TU Kaiserslautern, Kaisers\-lautern, Germany

Britta Späth

Universität Wuppertal, School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Wuppertal, Germany