Volume 159 Issue 2 – March 2004

Repulsion and quantization in almost-harmonic maps, and asymptotics of the harmonic map flow

Pages 465-534 by Peter Topping

A new construction of the moonshine vertex operator algebra over the real number field

Pages 535-596 by Masahiko Miyamoto

Quasi-projectivity of moduli spaces of polarized varieties

Pages 597-639 by Georg Schumacher, Hajime Tsuji

Holomorphic extensions of representations: (I) automorphic functions

Pages 641-724 by Bernhard Krötz, Robert J. Stanton

Metric attractors for smooth unimodal maps

Pages 725-740 by Jacek Graczyk, Duncan Sands, Grzegorz Świątek

On the volume of the intersection of two Wiener sausages

Pages 741-782 by Michiel van den Berg, Erwin Bolthausen, Frank den Hollander

Radon inversion on Grassmannians via Gårding–Gindikin fractional integrals

Pages 783-817 by Eric L. Grinberg, Boris Rubin

Index theorems for holomorphic self-maps

Pages 819-864 by Marco Abate, Filippo Bracci, Francesca Tovena

Higher composition laws II: On cubic analogues of Gauss composition

Pages 865-886 by Manjul Bhargava

Corrigendum to “Classification of prime 3-manifolds with Yamabe invariant greater than $\mathbb{R}P^3$”

Pages 887-887 by Hubert L. Bray, André Neves