Volume 158

On the $K$-theory of local fields

Pages 1-113 by Lars Hesselholt, Ib Madsen | From volume 158-1

Quasi-actions on trees I. Bounded valence

Pages 115-164 by Lee Mosher, Michah Sageev, Kevin Whyte | From volume 158-1

Groups acting properly on “bolic” spaces and the Novikov conjecture

Pages 165-206 by Gennadi Kasparov, Georges Skandalis | From volume 158-1

A proof of Kirillov’s conjecture

Pages 207-252 by Ehud Moshe Baruch | From volume 158-1

Sum rules for Jacobi matrices and their applications to spectral theory

Pages 253-321 by Rowan Killip, Barry Simon | From volume 158-1

Global existence and convergence for a higher order flow in conformal geometry

Pages 323-343 by Simon Brendle | From volume 158-1

Fundamental groups of manifolds with positive isotropic curvature

Pages 345-354 by Ailana M. Fraser | From volume 158-1

A $C^1$-generic dichotomy for diffeomorphisms: Weak forms of hyperbolicity or infinitely many sinks or sources

Pages 355-418 by Christian Bonatti, Lorenzo Díaz, Enrique R. Pujals | From volume 158-2

Pair correlation densities of inhomogeneous quadratic forms

Pages 419-471 by Jens Marklof | From volume 158-2

Hypersurface complements, Milnor fibers and higher homotopy groups of arrangements

Pages 473-507 by Alexandru Dimca, Stefan Papadima | From volume 158-2

The ionization conjecture in Hartree-Fock theory

Pages 509-576 by Jan Philip Solovej | From volume 158-2

Moduli spaces of surfaces and real structures

Pages 577-592 by Fabrizio Catanese | From volume 158-2

Deligne’s conjecture on 1-motives

Pages 593-633 by Luca Barbieri-Viale, Andreas Rosenschon, Morihiko Saito | From volume 158-2

Hochschild cohomology of factors with property $\Gamma$

Pages 635-659 by Erik Christensen, Florin Pop, Allan M. Sinclair, Roger R. Smith | From volume 158-2

Hausdorff dimension of the set of nonergodic directions (with an Appendix by M. Boshernitzan)

Pages 661-678 by Yitwah Cheung, Michael Boshernitzan | From volume 158-2

Approximating a bandlimited function using very coarsely quantized data: A family of stable sigma-delta modulators of arbitrary order

Pages 679-710 by Ingrid Daubechies, Ron DeVore | From volume 158-2

van den Ban-Schlichtkrull-Wallach asymptotic expansions on nonsymmetric domains

Pages 711-768 by Richard Penney | From volume 158-3

A stable trace formula III. Proof of the main theorems

Pages 769-873 by James Arthur | From volume 158-3

Stability and instability of the Cauchy horizon for the spherically symmetric Einstein-Maxwell-scalar field equations

Pages 875-928 by Mihalis Dafermos | From volume 158-3

The homotopy type of the matroid grassmannian

Pages 929-952 by Daniel K. Biss | From volume 158-3

A $C^2$-smooth counterexample to the Hamiltonian Seifert conjecture in $\mathbb{R}^4$

Pages 953-976 by Viktor L. Ginzburg, Başak Gürel | From volume 158-3

$Y$-systems and generalized associahedra

Pages 977-1018 by Sergey Fomin, Andrei Zelevinsky | From volume 158-3

Branched polymers and dimensional reduction

Pages 1019-1039 by David C. Brydges, John Z. Imbrie | From volume 158-3

Automorphism groups of finite dimensional simple algebras

Pages 1041-1065 by Nikolai L. Gordeev, Vladimir L. Popov | From volume 158-3

Poincaré inequalities in punctured domains

Pages 1067-1080 by Elliott H. Lieb, Robert Seiringer, Jakob Yngvason | From volume 158-3

Approximation to real numbers by cubic algebraic integers. II

Pages 1081-1087 by Damien Roy | From volume 158-3

Poles of Artin $L$-functions and the strong Artin conjecture

Pages 1089-1098 by Andrew R. Booker | From volume 158-3

Corrigendum to “Convex hypersurfaces of prescribed curvature”

Pages 1099-1099 by Bo Guan, Pengfei Guan | From volume 158-3