Volume 153 Issue 3 – May 2001

Ideal triangle groups, dented tori, and numerical analysis

Pages 533-598 by Richard Evan Schwartz

The Bianchi groups are separable on geometrically finite subgroups

Pages 599-621 by Ian Agol, Darren D. Long, Alan W. Reid

The geometry of finite topology Bryant surfaces

Pages 623-659 by Pascal Collin, Laurent Hauswirth, Harold Rosenberg

A sharp bilinear cone restriction estimate

Pages 661-698 by Thomas Wolff

Whittaker patterns in the geometry of moduli spaces of bundles on curves

Pages 699-748 by Edward Frenkel, Dennis Gaitsgory, Kari Vilonen

On the nonexistence of tight contact structures

Pages 749-766 by John B. Etnyre, Ko Honda

Decomposable form inequalities

Pages 767-804 by Jeffrey Lin Thunder