Volume 163 Issue 2 – March 2006

Decay of geometry for unimodal maps: An elementary proof

Pages 383-404 by Weixiao Shen | From volume 163-2

The resolution of the Nirenberg–Treves conjecture

Pages 405-444 by Nils Dencker | From volume 163-2

Periodic simple groups of finitary linear transformations

Pages 445-498 by Jonathan I. Hall | From volume 163-2

Logarithmic singularity of the Szegö kernel and a global invariant of strictly pseudoconvex domains

Pages 499-515 by Kengo Hirachi | From volume 163-2

Gromov–Witten theory, Hurwitz theory, and completed cycles

Pages 517-560 by Andrei Okounkov, Rahul Pandharipande | From volume 163-2

The equivariant Gromov–Witten theory of $P^1$

Pages 561-605 by Andrei Okounkov, Rahul Pandharipande | From volume 163-2

Positively curved manifolds with symmetry

Pages 607-668 by Burkhard Wilking | From volume 163-2

A five element basis for the uncountable linear orders

Pages 669-688 by Justin Tatch Moore | From volume 163-2

Runge approximation on convex sets implies the Oka property

Pages 689-707 by Franc Forstnerič | From volume 163-2

A preparation theorem for codimension-one foliations

Pages 709-722 by Frank Loray | From volume 163-2

The number of extensions of a number field with fixed degree and bounded discriminant

Pages 723-741 by Jordan S. Ellenberg, Akshay Venkatesh | From volume 163-2