Volume 162 Issue 3 – November 2005

A proof of the Kepler conjecture

Pages 1065-1185 by Thomas C. Hales | From volume 162-3

Curve shortening and the topology of closed geodesics on surfaces

Pages 1187-1241 by Sigurd B. Angenent | From volume 162-3

Bilipschitz maps, analytic capacity, and the Cauchy integral

Pages 1243-1304 by Xavier Tolsa | From volume 162-3

Cabling and transverse simplicity

Pages 1305-1333 by John B. Etnyre, Ko Honda | From volume 162-3

The two possible values of the chromatic number of a random graph

Pages 1335-1351 by Dimitris Achlioptas, Assaf Naor | From volume 162-3

Twisted Fermat curves over totally real fields

Pages 1353-1376 by Adrian Diaconu, Ye Tian | From volume 162-3

Formation of singularities for a transport equation with nonlocal velocity

Pages 1377-1389 by Antonio Córdoba, Diego Córdoba, Marco A. Fontelos | From volume 162-3