Volume 162 Issue 2 – September 2005

On fusion categories

Pages 581-642 by Pavel Etingof, Dmitri Nikshych, Viktor Ostrik | From volume 162-2

On metric Ramsey-type phenomena

Pages 643-709 by Yair Bartal, Nathan Linial, Manor Mendel, Assaf Naor | From volume 162-2

A new application of random matrices: Ext$(C^*_{\mathrm{red}}(F_2))$ is not a group

Pages 711-775 by Uffe Haagerup, Steen Thorbjørnsen | From volume 162-2

A resolution of the K(2)-local sphere at the prime 3

Pages 777-822 by Paul Goerss, Hans-Werner Henn, Mark Mahowald, Charles Rezk | From volume 162-2

The classification of torsion endo-trivial modules

Pages 823-883 by Jon F. Carlson, Jacques Thévenaz | From volume 162-2

Inverse spectral problems and closed exponential systems

Pages 885-918 by Miklós Horváth | From volume 162-2

Discreteness of spectrum and positivity criteria for Schrödinger operators

Pages 919-942 by Vladimir Maz'ya, Mikhail Shubin | From volume 162-2

Hypoellipticity and loss of derivatives (with an Appendix by Makhlouf Derridj and David S. Tartakoff)

Pages 943-986 by J. J. Kohn, Makhlouf Derridj, David S. Tartakoff | From volume 162-2

Sur le théorème de Paley–Wiener d’Arthur

Pages 987-1029 by Patrick Delorme | From volume 162-2

The density of discriminants of quartic rings and fields

Pages 1031-1063 by Manjul Bhargava | From volume 162-2