Articles with article keyword: trace formula

On the spectral side of Arthur’s trace formula — absolute convergence

Pages 173-195 by Tobias Finis, Erez Lapid, Werner Müller | From volume 174-1

A proof of the Breuil-Schneider conjecture in the indecomposable case

Pages 367-382 by Claus M. Sorensen | From volume 177-1

Isolation of cuspidal spectrum, with application to the Gan–Gross–Prasad conjecture

Pages 519-584 by Raphaël Beuzart-Plessis, Yifeng Liu, Wei Zhang, Xinwen Zhu | From volume 194-2

Counting local systems with principal unipotent local monodromy

Pages 921-982 by Pierre Deligne, Yuval Z. Flicker | From volume 178-3

Galois representations arising from some compact Shimura varieties

Pages 1645-1741 by Sug Woo Shin | From volume 173-3

Hereditary approximation property

Pages 1987-2001 by W. B. Johnson, A. Szankowski | From volume 176-3