Articles with primary mathematical subject classification: 37D50

Dynamical spectral rigidity among $\mathbb{Z}_2$-symmetric strictly convex domains close to a circle (Appendix B coauthored with H. Hezari)

Pages 277-314 by Jacopo De Simoi, Vadim Kaloshin, Qiaoling Wei | From volume 186-1

An integrable deformation of an ellipse of small eccentricity is an ellipse

Pages 527-558 by Artur Avila, Jacopo De Simoi, Vadim Kaloshin | From volume 184-2

The distribution of free path lengths in the periodic Lorentz gas and related lattice point problems

Pages 1949-2033 by Jens Marklof, Andreas Strömbergsson | From volume 172-3