Articles with primary mathematical subject classification: 22E50

Types for tame $p$-adic groups

Pages 303-346 by Jessica Fintzen | From volume 193-1

Revêtements du demi-plan de Drinfeld et correspondance de Langlands $p$-adique

Pages 321-411 by Gabriel Dospinescu, Arthur-César Le Bras | From volume 186-2

Rigid inner forms of real and $p$-adic groups

Pages 559-632 by Tasho Kaletha | From volume 184-2

Depth-zero supercuspidal L-packets and their stability

Pages 795-901 by Stephen DeBacker, Mark Reeder | From volume 169-3

Higher ramification and the local Langlands correspondence

Pages 919-955 by Colin J. Bushnell, Guy Henniart | From volume 185-3