Articles with primary mathematical subject classification: 14C30

The strong Macdonald conjecture and Hodge theory on the loop Grassmannian

Pages 175-220 by Susanna Fishel , Ian Grojnowski, Constantin Teleman | From volume 168-1

Deligne’s conjecture on 1-motives

Pages 593-633 by Luca Barbieri-Viale, Andreas Rosenschon, Morihiko Saito | From volume 158-2

Splitting mixed Hodge structures over affine invariant manifolds

Pages 681-713 by Simion Filip | From volume 183-2

On the periods of motives with complex multiplication and a conjecture of Gross–Deligne

Pages 727-754 by Vincent Maillot, Damian Roessler | From volume 160-2