Articles with primary mathematical subject classification: 00A05

Inverse spectral problem for analytic domains, II: $\mathbb Z_2$-symmetric domains

Pages 205-269 by Steve Zelditch | From volume 170-1

Bounds for $\mathrm{GL}(3) \times \mathrm{GL}(2)$ $L$-functions and $\mathrm{GL}(3)$ $L$-functions

Pages 301-336 by Xiaoqing Li | From volume 173-1

Interface evolution: the Hele-Shaw and Muskat problems

Pages 477-542 by Antonio Córdoba, Diego Córdoba, Francisco Gancedo | From volume 173-1

Random conformal snowflakes

Pages 597-615 by Dmitri Beliaev, Stanislav Smirnov | From volume 172-1

Geodesic flows with positive topological entropy, twist maps and hyperbolicity

Pages 761-808 by Gonzalo Contreras | From volume 172-2