Volume 178, Issue 2 – September 2013

Small eigenvalues of the Laplacian for algebraic measures in moduli space, and mixing properties of the Teichmüller flow

Pages 385-442 by Artur Avila, Sébastien Gouëzel

Optimal asymptotic bounds for spherical designs

Pages 443-452 by Andriy Bondarenko, Danylo Radchenko, Maryna Viazovska

On irreducible representations of compact $p$-adic analytic groups

Pages 453-557 by Konstantin Ardakov, Simon Wadsley

Solving the KPZ equation

Pages 559-664 by Martin Hairer

The survival probability and $r$-point functions in high dimensions

Pages 665-685 by Remco van der Hofstad, Mark Holmes

Anosov flows and dynamical zeta functions

Pages 687-773 by Paolo Giulietti, Carlangelo Liverani, Mark Pollicott

Cantor systems, piecewise translations and simple amenable groups

Pages 775-787 by Kate Juschenko, Nicolas Monod