Volume 176 Issue 1- July 2012

The classification of Kleinian surface groups, II: The Ending Lamination Conjecture

Pages 1-149 by Jeffrey F. Brock, Richard D. Canary, Yair N. Minsky

Convergent sequences of dense graphs II. Multiway cuts and statistical physics

Pages 151-219 by Christian Borgs, Jennifer T. Chayes, László Lovász , Vera T. Sós , Katalin Vesztergombi

Coarse differentiation of quasi-isometries I: Spaces not quasi-isometric to Cayley graphs

Pages 221-260 by Alex Eskin, David Fisher, Kevin Whyte

Minimal co-volume hyperbolic lattices, II: Simple torsion in a Kleinian group

Pages 261-301 by Timothy H. Marshall, Gaven J. Martin

Compact group automorphisms, addition formulas and Fuglede-Kadison determinants

Pages 303-347 by Hanfeng Li

Sharp constants in several inequalities on the Heisenberg group

Pages 349-381 by Rupert L. Frank, Elliott H. Lieb

A counterexample to the Hirsch Conjecture

Pages 383-412 by Francisco Santos

Rational points over finite fields for regular models of algebraic varieties of Hodge type $\geq 1$

Pages 413-508 by Pierre Berthelot, Hélène Esnault, Kay Rülling

A structure theorem for Boolean functions with small total influences

Pages 509-533 by Hamed Hatami

Finiteness of central configurations of five bodies in the plane

Pages 535-588 by Alain Albouy, Vadim Kaloshin

Abelian varieties isogenous to a Jacobian

Pages 589-635 by Ching-Li Chai, Frans Oort

The existence of an abelian variety over $\overline{\mathbb{Q}}$ isogenous to no Jacobian

Pages 637-650 by Jacob Tsimerman

An effective result of André-Oort type

Pages 651-671 by Lars Kühne